Eco-friendly and stylish: the PET dropper for cosmetic products

Published: 18-Apr-2023

A dream dropper bottle is here! No breakage, 100% recyclable, can be coloured, or no colour/ transparent, it got all you want

The PET dropper, made with a silicone, a PET collar, and a PET tube, is an excellent choice for cosmetic products. If desired, the silicone bulb can be swapped out for an alternative NBR bulb. The PET collar and tube can be manufactured using 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET, as requested by the customer.

This dropper is designed using PET material and makes it environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled with international recycle code number 1.

The PET material boasts excellent chemical and physical resistance, making it a reliable and safe choice.

Additionally, the PET tube is shatterproof, eliminating the risk of breakage.

The clear or transparent finish of the PET collar and tube provides a visually appealing packaging solution.

Or toying the PET tube in different colours for a unique feature, making it a versatile and practical option.

EPOPACK is introducing PET droppers in 2 collar width and 3 tube length: 53mm, 63mm and 73mm. It can be paired with most of the small PET heavy wall bottles from size 15 ml to 50 ml.

Another add- on option: a PE wiper. A wiper can help to remove excess product on the tube when a user pulls out the dropper. This attachment can provide the excess on the tube that can drip down unwantedly.

PET droppers are ideal for serum, oil and lightweight liquid foundation kinds of liquid beauty products.

Overall, benefits of this type of dropper include the fact that it is recyclable, the collar can be made in a clear or transparent finish, the PET tube is shatterproof, and it can be easily customised to meet specific requirements. Contact us to request some samples so you can experience the benefits of a PET dropper.

Contact us to request some samples so you can experience the benefits of a PET dropper. Email:

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