Consumers call for 'normalised' ingestible beauty

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 4-May-2017

Research by Lycored reveals how beauty consumers are opening up to the idea of normalising ingestible beauty

The ingestible skin care category is set to go mainstream with two thirds of consumers questioned in a recent study, stating that eating and drinking their way to beautiful skin is normal.

According to research by nutraceuticals company, Lycored, millennials are the most likely to embrace the movement as almost half of them already take oral supplements to improve their looks.

The company surveyed 480 British and French consumers and found that 66% of respondents believe that taking a skin supplement is normal.

Head of Global Brand & Marketing for health at Lycored, Zev Ziegler, said: “Ingestible skincare – once seen as a niche category – is rapidly heading for the mainstream.

“Consumers, particularly those under the age of 35, are increasingly recognising the benefits of supplementation for healthy, resilient skin. There’s a very clear generational shift in favour of ingestible skincare, and with further work to inform consumers we can achieve even more.”

Lycored discovered that 43% of millennials have used ingestible skin care, as opposed to 39% of those aged 36-49, 23% of 50-69-year-olds and 14% of those aged 70 or over.

The researchers found the main reason why consumers would not wish to use ingestible skin care is because they'd rather follow a traditional skin care routine.

Lycored claim that almost half of respondents (46%) said the main reason for not using ingestible products was that ‘it seems to make more sense to apply a product to my skin.’

Lycored is using this research to promote its #rethinkbeautiful initiative - an online scheme, which aims to challenge the traditional attitudes towards beauty.

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