Clariant launches fifth edition of BeautyForward


Formulas under new trends Ubuntu, Hygiene Beauty and Beauty Unwrapped revealed

Clariant launches fifth edition of BeautyForward

Cosmetics ingredients supplier Clariant has introduced BeautyForward No. 5, the latest addition to its BeautyForward trends and formulations series.

The company says this edition shines a spotlight on soothing, calming and relaxing skin care, moisturising cleansers and non-plastic packaging.

The three core trends unveiled this time around are Ubuntu, Hygiene Beauty and Beauty Unwrapped.

Ubuntu is Zulu for ‘I am because we are’, and reflects consumers taking steps towards a sense of community. This gives rise to products that address needs such as skin care for mask wearing and at-home hair care. To meet the Ubuntu trend, Clariant developed Soothe + Cool Facial Serum, which focuses on the demand for skin care for masking wearing. The soothing serum is said to be packed with actives and emollients for moisturised, hydrated and protected skin.

Hygiene Beauty follows the increased importance of hand cleansing products and innovation in this area towards more luxurious formulations. On-the-go moisturising cleanser SanitiZ ‘n’ Care has been developed to answer these needs. The high-end, non-greasy cream gel formula cleanser combines emollients and ethanol to ensure that skin is consistently left moisturised and thoroughly cleansed. This, says Clariant, is due to the use of rheology modifier Hostacerin MCP, which thickens ethanol-based sanitisers.

Finally, Beauty Unwrapped was inspired by increased scrutiny of the packaging of personal care products. By eliminating water content and creating solid concentrate formulations, brands enable a broader choice of sustainable packaging options such as cardboard or cork. For this trend, Clariant created two products: the Hair Necessities Bar and the Nourishing Bath Melt. Both solid formats are enabled through use of select functionals and allow for packaging in a range of non-plastic materials.

“Beauty consumers in 2021 are motivated by new personal desires, intensified care needs and often greater appreciation of our relationship to the world around us, brought on by the experiences of the past year and changes in lifestyle, habits and perceptions,” said Fabio Caravieri, Global Marketing Segment Leader Personal Care at Clariant.

“Such rapid evolution is calling for creativity and innovation from the personal care industry. And we’re very excited to share trend insights and demonstrate how our ingredients support the industry to respond thoughtfully with relatable, effective skin, body and hair care solutions as we move forward.”

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Clariant has also partnered with trends agency Mintel to deliver a BeautyForward 5 webinar on 9 June 2021.

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