Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA presents modern fragrance creations for natural cosmetics

Published: 5-Feb-2021

The international natural and organic cosmetics industry is evolving like hardly any other consumer goods industry – and with it the scent preferences of consumers. Complex olfactory profiles with fresh, spicy or creamy notes are in vogue. Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA presents a new state-of-the-art collection of natural perfume oil compositions inspired by current trends in the industry. The fragrance creations are suitable for certified natural and organic cosmetics, from shower gel to shampoo and skin cream. In the development process, Bell's perfumers followed the standards of NATRUE, COSMOS NATURAL and COSMOS ORGANIC

Booming natural cosmetics

The demand is greater than ever for cosmetic products made from natural ingredients. The industry has been recording strong growth rates for years, especially in the German-speaking part of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the US and France.

The German market recorded an increase in sales of 9.5% in 2019 (source: Statista). This gives certified natural and organic cosmetics a market share of almost 10% of the German cosmetics market. According to estimates by industry experts, the potential remains far from exhausted.

Alongside this rapid development, trends and topics that appeal to consumers are also evolving. Whereas a few years ago product concepts and fragrances in merely fruity, floral or herbal directions were common and popular, consumers today prefer more complex profiles with a fresh, spicy or creamy character.

Senior perfumer Justyna Dehne-Degenkolb explains in this context: "It is very exciting to develop new fragrances for natural cosmetics. It is always my intention to raise curiosity and joy in scents.

"The fascination lies in creating innovative formulations and creating new, unknown olfactory experiences, even though the range of raw materials available in the natural cosmetics sector is much smaller compared to synthetic fragrances. As a result, we get surprising compositions that offer consumers something new and at the same time meet the high standards in terms of ingredients".

Fresh, spicy, creamy – Fragrance profiles with character

Watery notes are among the most demanded and olfactorily challenging types of fragrances. They are particularly suitable for moisturising body and face care products.

In Bell's new compositions, the skilful use of fresh chords, such as minty notes, creates an aquatic-fresh olfactory impression despite the limited range of raw materials – solely with the resources of nature.

Fresh green fragrances and ingredients from trees such as birch or cedar are also highly popular with consumers. This made the forest an inspiration behind some of Bell's new creations.

Additionally, the wellness trend "forest bathing" (in Japanese "Shinrin Yoku" = taking a bath in the atmosphere of the forest) is currently making its way from Japan to Europe and promises mental relaxation and stress reduction. In accordance with the healing power of a walk through the forest, Bells perfumers have developed fragrances that are both refreshing and relaxing.

Moreover, health-enhancing microorganisms have found their way into the world of cosmetics. Probiotics have first gained recognition in the nutrition industry.

Primarily derived from lactic acid bacteria, the ingredient is particularly suitable for skin-protecting and skin-soothing creams and lotions. In line with this trend, Bell's new fragrance collection contains milky creations that highlight both gourmand notes and more natural aspects.

Stimulating and spicy compositions complement the portfolio of natural fragrances. Exotic spices such as sweet and fresh cardamom are the inspiration for invigorating fragrance profiles that can emphasise the vitalising properties of shower gels and body lotions.

Some of the fragrant plant parts also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which makes them a good fit with face care products. One of those spices is turmeric that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years due to its healing powers.

All perfume oil compositions are vegan and suitable certified natural and organic cosmetic products according to the standards set by NATRUE, COSMOS NATURAL and COSMOS ORGANIC.

From shower gel and shampoo to body lotion and facial cream, the natural perfume oils can be used for various applications. The fragrance collection is complemented by a selection of organic botanical extracts, which can be claimed on cosmetic products to underline the nature-based formulation.

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