BASF showcases advanced solutions for the cosmetics industry


Biopolymer Rheocare XGN and natural based micro-emulsion Emulgade MEC/MB allow for personal care solutions inspired by nature – from oral care to wet wipes

At this year’s SCS Formulate in Coventry, from November 14 to 15, BASF will present its latest solutions for applications in the personal care market – such as concepts, formulations as well as different new products. BASF will share booth 400 with its European sales company, BTC Europe.

Rheocare XGN: the vegan, stabilising and thickening polymer

The market for vegan cosmetics has grown significantly in recent years. BASF has responded to this by introducing Rheocare XGN.

It is the first polymer launched under the Care Creations brand consisting of pure vegan Xanthan Gum. It is 100 percent based on renewable feedstock and not produced from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Rheocare XGN is a powerful thickening agent and stabiliser for emulsion and surfactant based systems.

It creates crystal-clear formulations, has a high electrolyte and ethanol tolerance, can be cold processed and is easy to incorporate even without the neutralisation step. This highly flexible polysaccharide can be used for various cosmetic applications including oral care. Rheocare XGN is COSMOS compliant.

Emulgade MEC/MB paves the way for nature inspired wipe formulations

The personal care wet wipe market is also turning toward natural, ethical and environmentally friendly products. BASF is addressing this market trend with Emulgade MEC/MB.

The new micro-emulsion concentrate is based on a combination of mild cleansing surfactants and moisturising skin care ingredients. More than 70 percent of the product is derived from natural, renewable feedstocks.

The palm kernel oil used by BASF to produce the ingredient is only sourced via the Mass Balance (MB) supply chain system of the RSPO. Its strong cleansing performance and make-up removal efficacy even for waterproof mascara could be demonstrated by in-vivo tests and a new measuring method developed by BASF.

Wet wipe formulations based on Emulgade MEC/MB show a good eye tolerability and skin compatibility even for people with sensitive skin.

Beauty Box 2017: BASF formulations answer key market trends

With “Beauty Box 2017” BASF will also showcase a selection of market relevant formulations meeting the specific needs of the British market. With an expanding consumer beauty routine involving more steps for greater skin care benefits, there are opportunities to add extra products, such as facial masks for intensive overnight care.

BASF’s Zen Night Mask works during sleep, and intensively revitalises tired and stressed skin, providing softness to the skin with a velvety texture. The combination of the active ingredient PatcH2O and the light hydrogel cream texture based on the emulsifying polymer Cosmedia SP ensures an extraordinary moisture boost.

Precious oil meets body wash

The shower oil trend has shown steady growth since 2011. Product launches have more than doubled in a five-year period. Many consumers look for perceivable moisturising benefits generating a perfect well-being feeling after shower. BASF’s Precious Oil Shower Gel is formulated sulfate-free.

It contains 3 percent of Lamesoft OD, a lipid layer enhancing micro-emulsion that provides detectable oil deposition on the skin. The Precious Oil Shower Gel is easy to apply and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Actives focus: new insights into collagens

On November 15, Torsten Clarius will present on the topic “New insights into collagens: Fiber collagen I and physiologically active collagen XVIII”. He puts a spotlight on BASF’s new active ingredients Dermagenist and Collalift 18.

Dermagenist, an extract from origanum majorana leaves, restores the skin’s density and firmness and effectively reverses the visible signs of skin ageing. It inhibits DNA methylation in fibroblasts, re-engaging the cells in the production of extracellular components and collagen.

At the same time, it stimulates actin synthesis, thereby strengthening the cells’ cytoskeleton. Fibroblasts regain their contractility, retrieve their strong adhesion and resume interactions with the surrounding dermal matrix.

Collalift 18, an extract of African mahogany bark, improves the skin’s elasticity recovery and visibly reduces pores, lines, and wrinkles.

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It stimulates the synthesis of collagen XVIII, a key element of the skin’s basement membranes and the only collagenous proteoglycan with biological activity present in all skin layers – from surface to deeper layers.

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