Avon takes steps to stop animal testing in China

By Becky Bargh | Published: 16-Dec-2019

The beauty brand has been honoured by animal rights organisation PETA and will feature on its 'Working for Regulatory Change' list

Animal rights organisation PETA has added beauty brand Avon to its 'Working for Regulatory Change' list.

According to the group, Avon is said to be putting systems in place in order to stop animal testing on a global scale, including China.

PETA took to its Instagram account to make the announcement.

It read: “Avon Products Inc. takes a huge step in the right direction by ending all regulatory-tests on animals around the PETA. PETA is delighted to be helping them through this process.”

Avon’s Chief Operating Officer Joanthan Myers said: “We do not believe that animal testing is necessary to substantiate product safety and do no ttest products on animals anywhere in the world.

“We will continue to push for greater acceptance of alternatives.”

He added: “PETA’s recognition acknowledges our long-standing, active involvement in developing and promoting non-animal test methods but also reflects an understanding of Avon’s deep commitment and willingness to drive change developed over months of discussions.

Earlier this year, Bulldog Skincare became the first international beauty brand to sell in mainland China with a Leaping Bunny certification.

Through this agreement, the brand will manufacture its products in the UK, fill them in the Fengxian manufacturing zone and sell in Shanghai.

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