APC Packaging launches first sustainable and patented mono-material system dropper and bottle

Published: 7-Jun-2022

APC innovation continues to aid a brands mission for sustainable packaging while holding true to delivering brands a customisable package

APC Packaging, a women-owned and rapidly growing beauty packaging solutions provider is thrilled to announce the launch of its new patented, Mono- Material System Dropper.

These new droppers were designed with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability while providing clients with a customisable experience.

The patented, Mono-Material System Dropper and Bottle has been created with the end-consumers in mind, to ensure a beautiful experience that has a positive impact on the environment.

Being mono-material further allows for easy disposal, as this dropper or the dropper and the bottle can be recycled as one unit.

APC’s Mono-Material System will be showcased in their first stock offering which will be a 20/410 dropper with a 30ml PP bottle.

APC Packaging designed the pipette utilising the latest technology for clarity, which overcomes the use of glass in typical multi-material & non-recyclable droppers on the market today. APC Packaging has consistently created highly customisable experiences to provide brands with a differentiated and unique offering.

APC innovation continues to aid a brands mission for sustainable packaging while holding true to delivering brands a customisable package. Creative departments are no longer limited to just picking a colour for the bulb and dropper collar.

The pipette can now have transparent colours or tints added for a new effect or to aid in visualisation of the bulk being dosed.

These innovations make these droppers highly sought by beauty brands all around the globe, as they provide valuable additions to any product line with their easy recyclability and unique customisations. “Innovation and sustainability have always been the core of who we are at APC Packaging.

We strive to consistently challenge the norms in the beauty industry, with a goal to highly differentiate the brands that we work with. Our focus has always been our clients, and to provide them with unique offerings, perfectly tailored to their brand personality, and this new dropper truly symbolises that loyalty.” states CEO and founder, Lisa Lin.

APC Packaging encourages people to visit their website and explore their unique sustainable New Innovations, as well as check out their Sustainable Education webpage where they share their thorough expertise in sustainable packaging through webinars and blogs.

APC Packaging has recently celebrated their 15 Year Anniversary and achieved the WBENC certification for women-owned businesses. With a focus on skincare, innovation, and sustainability, they have always prioritised their clientele and delivered high quality for brands global including Estee Lauder, Beauty Stat and Dr. Brandt.

With the patented Mono-Material Dropper, they aim to increase the value provided to new clients in their journey to greater success towards sustainability in the beauty industry.

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