Merck expands pigments and cosmetics business in Shanghai

Published: 2-Nov-2012

Meets growing needs of Chinese customers

Merck Chemicals China has opened its Pigments & Cosmetics Technology Application Network China (TANC) in Shanghai, to meet the growing needs of Chinese customers.

The TANC will offer colour proposals based on powder-coating technology and SPF testing to customers in China. The company will also be able to provide more accurate recommendations to customers on colour matching and analyses, using upgraded chomameters and microscopes.

Inese Lowenstein, senior vice president of the Merck Pigments & Cosmetics Business Unit, said: “We are dedicated to providing highly performing products and application-specific technical and customer support to our customers. China is one of the most dynamic and important markets in the world for Merck’s pigments and cosmetics business. With the opening of the TANC, we will be able to bring innovative products to our Chinese customers more quickly and effectively.”

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