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Kaffe Bueno revolutionises the utilisation of coffee by-products, embracing their untapped potential for personal care, nutraceuticals, and functional foods and beverages. Inspired by the health-conscious desires of consumers worldwide, our innovative solutions offer a range of benefits, including anti-ageing, SPF boosting, skin barrier enhancement, antioxidant activity, increased hair shine, and prevention and repair of split ends. Join us in exploring the transformative power of sustainable coffee-based ingredients for a healthier and more sustainable future

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Kaffe Bueno, a Danish bioscience company, upcycles coffee by-products into active and functional ingredients for Personal Care, Nutraceuticals, and Functional Food and Beverage.

Our vision is to transform coffee into a sustainable health elixir, unlocking its potential beyond caffeine. We aim to minimise harmful emissions and maximise the usability of coffee by-products, giving back to the farmers who make it possible.

Our flagship product is KAFFOIL®, a lipophilic extract derived through an environmentally friendly process. It is a valuable ingredient in cosmetic formulations, preserving the full spectrum of bioactive molecules.

KAFFOIL-R® has been scientifically proven to enhance hair shine by an impressive 330%, while significantly minimising hair breakage and split ends by -94% in both Caucasian and Brazilian hair types. These findings from our extensive studies establish KAFFOIL-R® as a sustainable alternative to Argan oil.

KAFFIBRE® is an upcycled exfoliating ingredient, that replaces plastic micro-beads and offers cost-effective skincare benefits.

KAFFAGE® is an innovative amphiphilic biopolymer with antioxidant, UV protection, and emulsifying properties. It mimics various skin tones and exhibits high water solubility.

KAFFAIR® revolutionises scalp and hair care, fortifying cuticles and removing pollutants.

KLEANSTANT® is a natural anionic surfactant with cleansing, emulsifying, and foaming properties, providing an eco-friendly alternative.

Experience the transformative power of Kaffe Bueno's coffee-derived ingredients, merging sustainability with scientific prowess. Join us in redefining coffee's potential in personal care, nutraceuticals, and functional foods.

Proudly certified B Corporation®

We are proud to be among the first companies in Denmark to be a Certified B Corp. Kaffe Bueno was certified by B Lab Europe in 2019 after meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. We've evaluated how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment and our customers.

Why we joined B Corp?

Our initial drive to start Kaffe Bueno was to impact underserved communities [farmers] back in our home-country, Colombia, while creating innovative solutions to protect the environment. In the old days, such an organisation would have been seen as a charity, NGO, or so. However, this is not the case anymore. A growing group of for-profit companies around the world are adopting business models that address social and environmental issues; using business as a force for good. And B Corporation brings these companies together as a business community that supports one another.

Since impact is engrained in the DNA of our business model, pursuing B Corp Certification was a natural step for us. We like to surround ourselves with like-minded, forward-thinking people, who understand that profits and socio-environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

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