Jojoba Desert: Redefining sustainability

Published: 11-Aug-2021

Jojoba Desert takes sustainability culture to the next level by earning top ethical accolades from EcoVadis, acquiring FFL Certification and launching biodiversity plan

Jojoba Desert is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a Silver medal sustainability rating from EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

EcoVadis helps provide the ability for more than 200 global industries to set benchmarks and drive improvements related to environmental responsibility. Companies assessed by EcoVadis are measured across 21 distinct sustainability criteria in four themes: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

This designation places Jojoba Desert among the top 4% (overall score) and in the top 1% (ethics) of companies rated by EcoVadis in the category of wholesale of waste, chemicals, fertilizers, agrochemical products, and other products of the n.e.c. industry.

Paired with the Fair for Life certification, which Jojoba Desert has earned for the second consecutive year in 2021, the EcoVadis certification further demonstrates the company’s pledge to social and environmental responsibility.

Located in Israel’s Negev Desert, Jojoba Desert operates in Kibbutz Hatzerim, where social equity practices are standard practice. Additionally, Jojoba Desert confirms traceability of all certified products, from production to sales.

Since its founding, Jojoba Desert has remained committed to a pesticide-free product with low use of herbicides, low carbon footprints and low greenhouse gas emissions.

“At Jojoba Desert, our dedication to ethical practices is the cornerstone that dictates all business behavior and decisions in relation to the community, the land, the wildlife and the environment,” says Lee Reuveni, CEO of Jojoba Desert.

“Sustainability is in our DNA and propels us forward as together, with our partners, we create a supply chain resulting in environmentally-conscious, clean beauty.”

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