Ithos Global Offering Expanded Ithos Information Network (IIN) Capabilities for Egypt and Turkey

Published: 19-Jun-2019

Adding to its list of jurisdictions, Ithos Global now offers its clients additional functionalities for Egypt and Turkey, within the Ithos Information Network’s Managed Content and compliance reporting capabilities.

This includes the ability to search and access regulatory information for Egypt and Turkey in a centralized location and add Egypt and Turkey as jurisdictional tabs to Ithos Global’s Ingredient Screening reports.

Ingredient Screening Regulatory Reports

Providing a quick and easy way to access OTC and cosmetic ingredient information early on in formulation development, Ithos Global's Ingredient Screening regulatory reports provide clients with the ability to determine compliance, restrictions, and prohibitions in targeted jurisdictions for their current and future formulations.

Delivered in a user-friendly Excel format, an Ingredient Screening regulatory report includes both summary and detailed views with rules sources, remarks, and concentration restrictions for chosen jurisdictions, now including Egypt and Turkey.

These interactive reports allow a product to be “screened” for compliance with red, green, and yellow light indicators to show the compliance stance by ingredient, which allows for quick decision making.

Discover Search

In addition to Ingredient Screening, Ithos' clients now have access to Egypt and Turkey's regulatory content information through the Discover Search tool, which covers 20 jurisdictions in over 60 countries. Clients can easily search this regulatory information database by substance (INCI or CAS number), raw material, or keyword, allowing them to match current or potential ingredients to regulatory rules in their chosen jurisdiction.

Whether a client is entering a new market or maintaining compliance of an existing formula, the Ithos Information Network provides convenient functionalities to make the compliance process smooth and efficient from start to finish.

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