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AntalGenics is a Biotech company focused in the discovery and development of innovative molecules in the field of Sensory Neurobiology with cosmetic applications



Peripheral neurons in the skin connect us to the world around us detecting external stimuli, which transmit us as sensory perception. This interconnection between the skin and the environment, makes the cutaneous nervous system a fundamental target for the development of innovative molecules.

Based on this, at AntalGenics we have developed three main business branches:

  1. Design and development of active ingredients for cosmeceutical applications
  2. Design and development of active ingredients for pharmaceutical industry
  3. Customised R&D services for third parties.

In our customised R&D services, we support our customers in every step of the project bringing innovative proposals, project execution, scientific advisory and intellectual property generation.

Our customised research services include:

  • Design of new molecules with molecular modelling
  • High-throughput screenings
  • Validation of active ingredients
  • Functional characterisation.

Our services are tailored to the needs of each customer. AntalGenics is committed to deliver high-efficacy products validated with specific state-of-the-art techniques.

We are experts in Neurocosmetics providing tailored R&D solutions and designing our own innovative scientifically-based ingredients.

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