in-cosmetics Asia shines a Spotlight On industry’s hottest trends

Published: 4-Oct-2019

Specialist Spotlight On area to look at three current industry leading topics: Clean beauty, transforming formulations and suncare

in-cosmetics Asia’s popular Spotlight On area will return to the show this November for its 12th edition, providing formulators and marketers with a unique way to learn about the latest trends and ingredients affecting three pertinent areas.

Based on visitor interest and the most up-to-date industry trends, the Spotlight On area for 2019 will shine a light on clean beauty, suncare and transforming formulations, making it simple for visitors to identify the most relevant products all in one location.

A fresh face for the market with clean beauty wave

There is increasing demand for natural ingredients, with the global natural and organic cosmetics market expected to reach $54,432 million by 2027, and an estimated 5.7% CAGR from 2018 – 2027.

While Europe and North America take the lion’s share of sales (90%) in the clean beauty category, Asia’s share of the international natural cosmetics market is expected to grow much faster than both regions in terms of percentages.

In 2017, sales in Asia increased by 21% compared to single digits in Europe and North America, according to Ecovia Intelligence. With the highest potential growth, an increasing number of natural and organic products are expected to launch in the Asia-Pacific region in the near future as consumers seek cosmetics and toiletries that are free from synthetic chemicals.

Attendees at in-cosmetics Asia 2019 can use the specialist Spotlight On area to stay ahead of the trend and source the very latest ingredients for new product development in clean beauty.

A move towards ethical consumerism, together with rising concern among Asian consumers over the negative implications of artificial ingredients, is further driving consumer interest towards clean and ‘green’ beauty.

This shift is evident in GlobalData’s consumer survey which found that 65% of APAC consumers consider their health and wellbeing when buying beauty products, while Euromonitor research revealed Chinese consumers value “all-natural ingredients” more than any other consumer group.

As a result, manufacturers are capitalising on the consumer affinity towards natural products by highlighting claims such as vegan, organic, free-from,100% natural and sustainable, as well as realigning their product offerings to resonate better with modern consumers.

Products such as green tea extracts and macadamia oil are driving the growth of both luxury and mainstream skincare brands, keeping the APAC region on track to be the largest skincare market through to 2022.

In conjunction with intelligence providers, GlobalData, the Spotlight On area for clean beauty will explore the wealth of new opportunities that the sector’s dominance in the market presents.

Reflecting the changing market, it will feature a range of local suppliers from the APAC region, including Lubrizol from Singapore, and Jinkun Chemistry Company from China. In addition, a number of global suppliers will showcase their clean beauty ingredients including Codif, Givaudan, Lipotrue, Naolys, and Pharmasynthese.

Alongside a session dedicated to the Spotlight On topic in the Marketing Trends Theatre, a number of technical seminars will touch upon this booming trend so attendees can learn how it’s influencing new research and development into new formulations.

Hen de Jager, Technical Manager at Jan Dekker (part of IMCD), will lead a presentation on Clean Beauty – nature versus synthetics, while Tomoko Ohtsu, Manager at Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation, will highlight the new approach to natural cosmetics with a focus on its new super antioxidant product, Fullerene.

Golden glow for the suncare sector

An equally dominant topic in the industry is suncare, with the APAC suncare market estimated to have reached US$2.65 billion in 2018, according to Mintel. China, Japan and South Korea are leading the way within the region, with recorded sales of US$1465.4m, US$480.4m, and US$323.9m respectively.

Propelling this market forward is growing regional awareness of the negative impacts of UV rays including detrimental health effects and accelerated aging.

As a modern society deeply conscious of appearance, sun protection and cosmetics now progressively come hand-in-hand. In addition, with increasing image consciousness, sun protection is no longer seen as an occasion-based product but as an essential part of the daily beauty regime.

With this in mind, manufacturers are creating unique formulations that cater to the demand for effective and convenient all-round suncare solutions. The Spotlight On Suncare area will be supported by leading market research provider, Mintel, and industry news title, Cosmetics Design, with a number of exhibitors confirmed to showcase their suncare specific ingredients, including the likes of DSM and Easthill Corporation.

Attendees can join Lubrizol for a workshop in the Formulation Lab and learn how to formulate a high SPF all-mineral sunscreen using its Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant. In addition, Woonam Kim, General Manager at BST Inc., will host a technical seminar to introduce and address the challenges facing formulators as they seek a natural sunblock and anti-irritant ingredient that can be applied to clean cosmetics.

With applications now open, attendees are encouraged to register their interest for the Formulation Lab sessions which are often oversubscribed and by submission only.

It must be magic: Transforming Formulations

Again partnering with Cosmetics Design, the third Spotlight On area will highlight a less discovered trend: interesting formulations with a surprising effect, where the textures and properties of the product transform when applied to the skin.

This exciting and surprising change of texture adds both fun and functional elements to products, helping to drive consumer engagement by providing additional sensory experiences.

Young, tech-savvy Asian consumers are willing to experiment with their looks and new products, prompting manufacturers to test innovative formulations for a more novel offering that appeals to consumers looking for the next big thing.

This view is underpinned by GlobalData’s research which found that 62% of APAC consumers were willing to pay more for premium and innovative skincare and make-up products, making the trend particularly lucrative for cosmetic companies.

In order to meet the desires of modern consumers, companies - such as in-cosmetics Asia exhibitor Evonik - are developing innovative and transforming formulations.

For example, its ‘Magic Cream to Milk’ produces small milk-like droplets on the skin that create a light and pleasant experience for the consumer. It features the supplier’s ABIL® EM 180, a high-performance water-in-oil emulsifier.

Enlightening attendees as to how such ingredients can be used to formulate unique transforming products, international suppliers, including Givaudan, Aigion and Azelis, will showcase their ingredients within the Spotlight On Transforming Formulations area.

in-cosmetics Asia will take place at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Asia's premier exhibition and convention centre from 5-7 November 2019. For more information, please visit

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