ILG Sets a Commitment to be Zero-By-Thirty for 100% Sustainable Fulfilment

Published: 23-Oct-2023

Like any growing 3PL, every year ILG operates more warehouse space, ships more parcels, consumes more packaging, uses more energy and generates more waste

Long before the current climate crisis, we became acutely aware that our commercial success was having a mounting impact on the environment. We needed to do something about it, and quickly. Because the bigger our business grew, the tougher it would be to root out unsustainable practices and shift our climbing emissions into reverse.

So, back in 2018, we went public with a tangible and ambitious target for shrinking our CO2 footprint. We gave ourselves a five-year deadline for cutting our emissions by 35%. It felt like a bold target for a rapidly expanding, energy-hungry fulfilment business. And, with obstacles like Covid and Brexit just around the corner, keeping our collective eye on the prize proved even more challenging than we could have imagined. But, we did it. Last year we smashed our 35% reduction target eight months early and went on to cut our CO2 emissions by 56% as we passed the five-year milestone.

ILG staff worked tirelessly to hit that target, but it was only the first step. The astonishing and deadly climate events of the past year are a stark reminder that every organisation needs to go further and do more. So ILG is making a commitment to become a net-zero* business by 2030. We hope ILG’s ‘Zero-By-Thirty’ mission sets an example to our people, customers and the wider logistics industry to respond urgently to the threat of climate change.

How are we going to do it?

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*Scope 3 Operational

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