HEINZ-GLAS is winner of the German Packaging Award

Published: 25-Oct-2019

The Upper Franconian flacon glass manufacturer HEINZ-GLAS was awarded the innovative design concept "Victor Lightweight" as the winner of the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category.

The German Packaging Award is an international, cross-sector and cross-material competition. It is under the patronage of the Ministry of Economics and Energy. The prize is awarded every year by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) for innovative and creative packaging ideas.

HEINZ-GLAS convinced with its "Victor Lightweight" concept.

The special feature:

The standard bottle "Victor" has a filling volume of 100 ml and a glass weight of 230 g. "Victor" as a lightweight bottle, on the other hand, weighs only 75 g with the same filling volume. This means that 67% of production resources, both raw materials and energy, can be saved.

In addition, the Victor Lightweight bottle scores with other sustainable solutions:

  • The glass melting is operated with 100% CO2-free electricity
  • The glass contains up to 50% PCR (Post-Consumer-Recycled) cullets
  • The lime required for the glass batch is a waste product from water treatment.

The lightweight solutions are part of the "MULTIGEN" concept, which allows customers to create sustainable packaging solutions in a modular system.

The dvi states: "A great result that radiates sustainability as well as beauty of form and elegance and at the same time conserves resources. A flagship project for a material-intensive industry".

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