Geka’s leading beauty applicators on show at MakeUp in Paris

Published: 19-Oct-2021

Magical results land innovation award for pureDEFINITION mascara brush

Geka will attend this year’s MakeUp in Paris exhibition to share its latest application solutions for liquid cosmetics with the industry. A standout highlight in the event’s product showcase area will be the pureDEFINITION mascara brush.

The applicator, described as ‘perfect’ by the show’s expert jury, has won GEKGekaA an IT PRODUCTS award for innovation.

The pureDEFINITION mascara brush is a new design created using GEKA’s bi- injecting Sandwich technology. Many molded mascara applicators are made from only one plastic, meaning the bristles are hard and too harsh for sensitive eyes.

Geka’s Sandwich technology combats this issue. Here, a bi-injection process manufactures the brush from two different plastics, allowing the applicator to have both a hard core and soft bristles.

This combination creates a brush that curls, lengthens and separates lashes while remaining gentle to the eyes.

Its alternate rows of conical bristles and slim wedge-shaped discs deliver the optimum amount of product for beautifully lengthened and defined lashes.

“We are delighted that another one of our high-precision beauty applicator solutions has won a prestigious IT PRODUCTS award,” says Frédéric Duquet, Head of R&D and innovation at Geka.

“Our mission was to develop an applicator that delivers high-impact yet effortless results, even for the thinnest and shortest lashes. It is reallyrewarding for this to be recognised by industry experts. We can’t wait to meet everyone at MakeUp in Paris to talk about our products and learn about all the fantastic developments in the beauty industry.”

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