GEKA goes green with new lip gloss at Luxe Pack Monaco

Published: 15-Oct-2018

The Product:

Sustainability has not always to appear in green of wood optic. GEKA presents a "green" lip gloss in elegant and classical aesthetic – and gives sustainability a new touch of glamour.

The lip gloss packaging in squared shape convinces with its sustainable materials and its special look: Bottle and wiper are made of recycled material and biodegradable material is used for the production of the threat part as well as the cap.

The vegan formulation is free of animal products and is applied heavenly with GEKA`s classicLIPS applicator.

Why is GEKA's lipgloss "green"?

GEKA goes green with new lip gloss at Luxe Pack Monaco

Raw Materials

Recycled Material: The waterproof lip gloss bottle is made of 25% recycled PET material. For the manufacturing of the wiper, we are using recycled LDPE material. Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing material waste to a minimum.

Natural biodegradable materials: The cap convinces due to the fact, that it is made of PLA (polylactic acid) material – a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Also the LDPE material of the wiper is not only partially recycled, it is also a biodegradable based material.

Low environment impact: As an alternative to POM material, we have used biodegradable poketone material for the production of the threat part. Poketone material is free of formaldehydes.

As we are recycling material directly at the machines during the production process and also grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing material waste to a minimum. There is no need for transportation of new, extra material to the company.

Process of production

We are using in-line production: Bottles are produced, decorated with hot foil printing and finally assembled with the wiper in just one line. This reduced logistic efforts, reduction of energy and time.

GEKA has installed a closed cooling system: The cooler water runs through the moulds in a cycle which balances the moulds temperature. The sustainability and efficiency is that the water is continuously used in a cycle (in other systems the water is contained from a local source and after use it is often polluted and dumped back in the original water source). Furthermore, cleaning cells for all water usage in which the water could become polluted.

In situations where pollution could occur all water is recycled through the cleaning cells, clean water is recycled locally through sewage, and all polluted water us disposed of professionally.

We use our own block heat and power plant for our electricity and heat generation: GEKA`s electricity is generated on location. Therefore, a large part of the resulting warmth of this generation can be used for the heating, warm water, etc. of the location. Primary energy is saved, thus decreasing emissions and protecting the environment. Additionally, an economic advantage is achieved by the own power generation. That results in:

Reduced CO2-emissions

Decrease of the primary energy need through purchase, Improved energy efficiency through use of thermal and mechanical energy, Generation of electricity with gas.

Normal power stations waste 60% of their fuel energy towards warmth, in block heat power plants this warmth is directly used in the building, thus an enormous savings potential.

With conventional power stations the efficiency is only 35%, with block heat power plants 90%.

Change from liquid gasoline to natural gasoline: Reduction of crude oil and less risk due to the removal of the gas tank.


We are cumulating orders and ship only once per week. Transportation routes are also shortened by using local raw materials.

We use efficient, recyclable packaging (i.e. foils, card boxes, trays, plastic boxes for international transports instead of one-time use card boxes, use of re-usable euro palettes etc.)

GEKA is continuously reviewing its transportation process along with its partner transport companies to establish an efficient and sustainable process. By using recycled material and grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing material waste to a minimum and no need for transportation.

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