Eurofragance presents an innovative technology that neutralises smells

Published: 2-Jul-2018

Euro-MC fragrances are designed to neutralise the smell of tobacco smoke. The technology works on the chemical and olfactory components of odours

Eurofragance, the fragrance creation company, has launched a sophisticated collection of products specifically designed to neutralise unwanted smells.

Euro-MC is an innovative technology that integrates and nullifies the sensory effect of bad-smelling molecules with fragrances created to be used as air fresheners.

The first Euro-MC fragrances have been formulated to neutralise the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke and are designed to be used primarily in the Air Care segment.

According to Carlos Llorca, director of R&D&I, "the secret lies in the specific combination of fragrance components that neutralise unwanted odours. Bad smells are no longer noticeable, and the product creates a harmonious scent without saturating the sense of smell, which is what has generally been done in the past".

The team of perfumers and researchers at Eurofragance has developed a methodology by studying the behaviour of molecules that cause bad smells, combining their technical and chemical expertise with an understanding of perfume and the behaviour of fragrances.

This creates unique fragrances that interact with bad odours, transforming them into a pleasant, harmonious smell. Eurofragance plans to add to the range other sets of new fragrances to neutralise other smells, like bathroom odours.

Other air care lines

The fragrances created by the Eurofragance team of perfumers can reduce the bad smell of tobacco by up to 76%. Their effectiveness has been scientifically tested by a trained sensory panel.

This new collection will include air care products that will allow consumers to forget about bad smells, transforming bad-smelling environments into places that give a clean feeling of well-being.

  • Woodland (Woody Hesperidic): inspired by wood and fruit, the formula contains essence of grapefruit, sage, cardamom, labdanum, moss and cedarwood.
  • Wild Bloom (Floral Rose): a combination that includes the floral smell of roses based on lime, rose, wild peony, lily of the valley, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Indigo (Floral Aromatic): with essence of lavender, oolong tea, pink pepper, iris, blue cedarwood, cashmere.
  • Luminous (Aromatic Marine): with essence of mandarin, lavender, sea salt, water accord, ambergris and white sandalwood.
  • Tealicious (Aromatic Tea): contains blood orange essence, dewy leaves, green tea, waterlilly, driftwood and musk.

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