Eurofragance launches upcycled perfume ingredient from wood waste

By Julia Wray | Published: 5-Oct-2021

L’Âme du Bois is a natural woody note that enhances other ingredients in the scent and adds gender-neutral appeal

Spanish fragrance maker Eurofragance has launched a fragrance ingredient, L’Âme du Bois, to coincide with Beautyworld Middle East 2021.

The new ingredient is said to fill an interesting gap in the woody notes olfactive family, by providing a high-impact composition that harmonises with other ingredients in the fragrance formula and highlights their individual characteristics.

In addition, L’Âme du Bois is made from wood waste that has been naturally upcycled, while its genderless olfactive profile puts it in line with modern fragrance trends.

Felipe San Juan Tejada, R&D Scientist at Eurofragance, who led the joint team of perfumers and R&D experts for three years on the project, said: “We honoured nature by creating a new olfactive expression for wood that provides the building blocks for future fragrance creations.

“We feel that in the near term L’Âme du Bois should be reserved for the design of prestige fragrances and for all premium product categories, be it fine fragrance, home or personal care.”

The ingredient is made using sawdust discarded from a particular tree and a purification step is repeated multiple times over several months to create an ingredient with the best olfactory profile; the French name, L’Âme du Bois, translates as 'the soul of wood', reflecting that the 'soul' of the wood is retained during this process.

While woody notes have historically been viewed as masculine, Eurofragance said it wanted to appeal to men and women alike.

Henry van den Heuvel, Global Creative Director and Senior Perfumer at Eurofragance, added: “L’Âme du Bois is avant-garde in terms of its conception, but, above all, for what it brings to fragrance creation. It redefines woody notes in a manner befitting our time.

“L’Âme du Bois is inclusive and all-embracing of other accords and olfactive notes. For Perfumers, L’Âme du Bois is a true breakthrough.”

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