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Delphic HSE Solutions Limited is a company comprising experienced and highly qualified professionals in the fields of toxicology, pathology product safety, cosmetic safety assessment, product development and environmental management and assessment.

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Our consultants have all worked for large international organizations as well as on projects for industry associations in the oil, lubricants and chemical industries.


Delphic offer a service to act as third party responsible person which will ensure:

  • Regulatory compliance with the new EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
  • Safety of products placed on the EU Market
  • A cost effective means of demonstrating due diligence in respect of cosmetics.
Delphic HSE Solutions

Delphic HSE operates in the following areas:

EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009

The new Regulation comes into force on 11th July 2013 replacing the existing EU Cosmetic Directive (76/768/EEC). The Regulation introduces a number of changes that effect all manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products within the EU.

Toxicological Risk Assessment

regulatory safety assessments of consumer products including Cosmetics, Toys, Household products such as cleaners, and detergents, Industrial products such as lubricants process materials.

Product Development and Quality Control

Advice and participation in product development, ensuring that health and environmental considerations are built into all new products, ensuring that there are no expensive or costly delays due to unforeseen problems in the latter stages of development and product launch.

Management Systems

Effective health, safety and environmental management is an essential prerequisite of a successful business. Pollution and waste represents loss of capital and the costs associated with disposal, combined with the loss of value of materials can amount to significant deficits on the bottom line.

Design and implementation of a sound management system will make significant year-on-year savings and improve bottom line performance.

Delphic HSE Solutions

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Strategic Partners

At Delphic HSE we are passionate about ‘People and Planet’. Providing a safer and more sustainable environment is why we started our operations in 2007

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Staff updates

We would like to welcome all our new team members into our UK, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Australia offices.

Glenn Silburn - Non-Executive Director

Blogs, and news updates

Expanding your cosmetic brand to the global market
When it comes time to expand your brand internationally, there are many challenges to consider. Jenny Allen reveals the checklist.

Project Apollo
Apollo is Delphic HSE’s new IT suite. Custom designed to integrate every stage of the safety process, Apollo sets new standards in assessment and reporting accuracy.

2022 Training Courses

Delphic HSE offer a range of training courses and packages to help our clients better understand regulations and the associated requirements of product compliance. Delphic HSE provide a unique approach, we combine over 15 years of corporate ‘Experience & Knowledge’, channelled through expert instructors, delivering a practical, consultative training experience to all participants.

Three distinct training options.

Option 1: Scheduled Training Courses
Option 2: Going Global Training Programme
Option 3: Bespoke Training

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