Colour measurements on a new level - Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440

Published: 11-Jan-2023

The Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 is a new generation of instruments for colour measurements on skin, hair and other materials in the CIE L*a*b* colour space

Also the ITA (Individual Typology Angle) is automatically calculated. With two interchangeable measuring tips and new placement aid feature, even small skin areas can be precisely captured. A hair clip facilitates measurements on hair.

New features:

  • Two interchangeable measuring tops that optimally illuminate larger and smaller skin areas: cylindrical 13 mm Ø illumination area (like the predecessor model CL 400) for skin & hair and conical 7 mm Ø illumination area for particularly small skin areas, pigmented spots and lesions, nails, lips or other materials.
  • Unique placement aid: Light spots overlapping each other the closer the probe gets to the skin surface indicate where exactly the measurement will take place.
  • Most modern electronics for maximum accuracy, LEDs with high CRI (colour rendering index) provide highest reproducibility.
  • Sealed electronics and removable top make cleaning easy.

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