Colgate takes recyclable toothpaste tubes mainstream

By Becky Bargh | Published: 18-Feb-2022

A first in the American market, the packs have been rolled out to 4 of the company’s skus

Oral care brand Colgate is ramping up its war on single-use plastic with the rollout of its recyclable toothpaste tubes.

A first for the brand in the American market, the new tubes have been given the stamp of approval by external recycling authorities.

Made from HDPE plastic – the same as traditional milk bottles – Colgate’s Optic White, Cavity Protection, Max Fresh Cool and Total Whitening are the first to adopt the packs.

To remind consumers the products are recyclable, Colgate has also branded the packs with ‘Recycle Me!’.

“As the global toothpaste leader with a brand found in more homes than any other, we want to lead in waste reduction and, in particular, making toothpaste tubes a part of the circular economy,” said Dana Medema, VP & General Manager, Oral Care for Colgate-Palmolive North America.

“The Recycle Me! Tube is designed to educate and engage consumers and the recycling community who are both essential to progress, and we are excited to initiate and learn from our upcoming pilot programme.”

Say cheese

Colgate introduced its first-ever recyclable toothpaste with packaging group Albéa in 2020.

Also using HDPE, the Smile for Good product is suitable for conventional recycling streams in the UK.

Beauty owner Unilever has also taken steps to reduce the 20 billion toothpaste tubes that go to landfill every year.

In 2021, the UK-based conglomerate said that it would phase out non-recyclable toothpaste tubes from all of its brands by 2025.

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