Clariant breaks Personal Care conventions

Published: 16-Nov-2017

Clariant introduces Essence by Clariant, its inspiring selection of market-ready Personal Care products that use consumer-friendly ingredients in innovative ways to deliver the luxury and exciting experiences consumers crave

Unveiled at California SCC Suppliers' Day 2017, Essence by Clariant breaks formulation and market conventions in personal care products with the absence of controversial ingredients.

All Essence formulations are made without using parabens, formaldehyde donor, MIT/CMIT, sulfates, betaines, silicones, petrolatum, or mineral oil.

"Consumers are demanding the luxury experiences they love without the use of certain ingredients," says Vincent Gass, Head of Marketing at Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (BU ICS). "Essence by Clariant shows formulators and brand owners the possibilities to go "free-from" and give consumers something they haven't experienced before. The enthusiastic response we received at Suppliers' Day highlights the interest there is in taking this extension of the natural trend to new heights.”

Clariant has formulated an extensive selection of products, each one inspired by the consumer insights of Clariant's BeautyForward trend guide and incorporating natural ingredients.

The Essence by Clariant range features a crystal clear shampoo, a hydrating hair mask, make-up serum, face cream, hand foam, shaving foam and diaper cream, in addition to the five "hero products" featured at the launch:

  • Amazonian Exfoliating Cleansing Powder is a commitment to sustainability with an exciting luxury experience. This waterless formulation transforms quickly to a rich and creamy lather with just a little bit of water. All natural exfoliation from Amazonian White Clay and organic Quartz Crystals gently exfoliates while washing away dirt and other impurities. This unique cleansing powder leaves skin feeling silky and baby soft.
  • Avocado Ageless Bounce Cream brings whimsy to the daily age-fighting skin care routine. This rich cream has an unexpected bounce from the patented ingredient Aristoflex BLV. This fun experience is complemented with healthy skin essentials like Omegas 6 and 9 and phytosterols from Plantasens Avocado Serum. These essential fatty acids help protect your skin by giving the right balance of moisturisation and improving firmness. Combining this novel Avocado Serum with the natural silicone alternative, Plantasens Olive LD, creates an indulgent skin cream with a surprisingly light and soft feel.
  • Three gentle, sulfate-free surfactants combine to create Simple Splendor Cleansing Cream – a luxury body cleansing experience with an abundant deluxe lather. The creamy lather is enhanced by Glucotain Care, which also leaves skin feeling both clean and nourished. This unique cocktail of surfactants, complemented by Glucotain Care, creates a body cleanser that looks and feels just like market leading oil or sulfate containing cleansers without needing sulfates, betaines, oils, or any added conditioners.

Specifically, for the men's care segment:

  • The Energizing Scalp Tonic is the next evolution of dry shampoo and designed specifically for men. The cooling sensation refreshes hair and the tonic helps to maintain a healthy scalp. The bamboo extract washes away dead skin cells that can build up on hair. The ginger extract works to relieve dry, scalp. With this conditioning tonic it is possible to have effortless enviable hair without looking like you tried too hard.
  • Every Which Way Refreshing Men's Powder Cleanser: this innovative powder cleanser is perfect for face and beard. No matter what the morning routine, it fits perfectly: wash pre-shave to condition coarse, dry beards or wash post-shave for a refreshing, gentle cleanse. This convenient, waterless powder transforms into a creamy lather simply by adding water. Allantoin calms irritated skin and Aristoflex Velvet makes skin feel soft, smooth, and incredibly nourished.

Vincent Gass, Clariant's Head of Marketing BU ICS, comments: "Today's consumers are choosing skin and hair care products based on naturally-derived, skin-friendly ingredients for their daily regimens. At the same time, our market insights tell us how important it is to create playful, luxurious experiences that give people something new to enjoy. With Essence by Clariant, we've broken formulation and market conventions and used only consumer-friendly ingredients to create market-ready products capable of offering new beauty experiences and sparking emotions.”

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