Carotenoid skin kinetics and stress reduction use IBR-Phyto(flu)ene

Published: 14-Nov-2011

The colourless carotenoids for skin beauty inside & out

Carotenoids protect the skin and keep it looking good and healthy, supplementing the skin with IBR-Phyto(flu)ene, the colourless carotenoids for oral and topical use.

Research has shown that well balanced, carotenoid rich nutrition and stress avoidance correlate with increased levels of carotenoids in the skin. In addition, skin carotenoid levels can be increased via topical supplementation.

Carotenoids are known to contribute to skin protection, beauty and health. Today, with the demands of modern life and our hectic schedule, balanced nutrition and stress-free living is thought by many to be beyond our reach.
To supplement the skin with naturally preferred and accumulated carotenoids, IBR is offering its complete IBR-Phyto(flu)ene product line of phytoene and phytofluene, the colourless carotenoids.

The IBR-Phyto(flu)ene product line is designed to provide a solution for supplementation of the colourless carotenoids to the skin via both oral and topical routes:
PhytoflORAL is a free flow powder rich in phytoene and phytofluene. It is FSA Non-Novel Food approved and is used and aimed at dietary supplementation for beauty from within.
IBR-CLC colourless carotenoids from algal source for topical application.
IBR-TCLC colourless carotenoids from tomato source for topical application.
The product portfolio includes natural, Ecocert validated and/or organic certified products.


Why IBR-Phyto(flu)ene?

IBR-Phyto(flu)ene technology is based on phytoene and phytofluene, the colourless carotenoids. Absorbing light in the UV range, they are colourless to the human eye.
These natural multifunctional actives have effective activities on skin lightening and depigmentation, enhancing skin anti-inflammatory capacity, protecting against UV and oxidative damage that can lead to premature ageing. Additionally, phytoene and phytofluene are able to protect DNA from UV and free radical damage as well as collagen from degradation.

All these contribute to the healthy, youthful flawless appearance of the skin's complexion.

Noteworthy: It has been found that in case of a carotenoid rich diet, phytoene and phytofluene are accumulating preferentially in the skin.
Supplementation with these preferred skin carotenoids both from within with PhytoflORAL and topically, with IBR-(T)CLC will contribute to stress reduction, skin protection and beautification.
Benefits in Brief
Using IBR-Phyto(flu)ene colourless carotenoids, the protective multifunctional actives, for the reduction of stress and skin damage from sun, UV and oxidation:
• enhances skin protection reducing oxidation stress and UV
• lightens skin tone, enhancing depigmentation
• reduces skin inflammatory response to sun & stress
• reduces collagen degradation by UV, free radicals and stress factors – inhibition of MMP-1 expression
• protection of DNA from damage by the sun, UV oxidants and stress factors
IBR-Phyto(flu)ene products range IBR-CLC, IBR-TCLC &  PhytoflORAL are designed to provide a solution for skin supplementation with colourless carotenoids via both oral and topical routes to result in a healthy, youthful, flawless complexion.

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