Cargill Beauty announces its latest sustainability initiative: the Jojoba Promise

Published: 28-Nov-2023

The new program will be applied across all jojobas purchased and used in manufacturing by Cargill Beauty

Cargill has launched the Jojoba Promise™ to improve the sustainability of jojoba cultivation at global scale through its business in the Personal Care industry. The new sustainability program will be applied across all jojobas purchased by Cargill Beauty and used to manufacture jojoba derivatives at Cargill’s Arizona facilities.

Cargill Beauty partnered with Greenflex to perform a risk analysis of the Jojoba supply chain, interview jojoba suppliers and study the expectations of consumers and personal care manufacturers to build the Jojoba Promise™. The result is a solid sustainable sourcing strategy, focusing on three main areas:

1. Building resilient farmers and communities

Cargill Beauty will provide training on good agricultural practices and workplace conditions to its farmers, work to improve incomes, and support communities with dedicated programs tailored to local needs.

2. Sustainable water use

Cargill Beauty will help farmers implement state-of-the-art irrigation technologies in their fields and help suppliers diversify and track their water supply so that they can be more resilient to climate change.

3. Traceability

Cargill Beauty will require its suppliers to be FFL-certified and implement a robust traceability system so that it has a guarantee on the traceability of the seeds between fields and our facilities.

Aude Le Grand, Marketing Innovation manager at Cargill Beauty explains, “Jojoba truly is an amazing botanical, that offers unique benefits for a broad range of personal care applications. By equipping our customers with solutions from nature, we can help them deliver high performance products that are more reliable and sustainable.

“With the Jojoba Promise™, Cargill Beauty is setting a new standard for the sustainable sourcing of this crop, enabling the long-term success of all that are involved in the value chain, from farmer to manufacturer and consumer.”

Progress will be tracked annually as part of Cargill Beauty Promise™, Cargill’s overarching sustainability strategy to address the Personal Care industry. The Cargill Beauty Promise™ is founded on three pillars: sourcing from sustainable supply chains, designing more sustainable ingredients and empowering people.

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