BlueSky’s Aluminium Tubes for Skin Care, Hair Care, and Health Care

Published: 21-Mar-2024

In today’s personal care, hair care, and health care markets, the dual demands of sustainability and aesthetic appeal are driving brand choices more than ever

BlueSky, renowned as the UK’s top distributor of aluminium packaging solutions, is at the forefront of meeting these demands with their collapsible and rigid aluminium tubes. They are designed for a variety of applications – ranging from skincare essentials and deodorant balms to hair colourants and therapeutic treatments.

Ideal for everything from moisturisers and creams to ointments and gels, aluminium’s infinite recyclability underscores BlueSky’s commitment to helping brands with their sustainability goals, while ensuring product integrity and safety.

Aluminium tubes are becoming a beauty and skincare industry’s favourite, providing a sleek, modern look that appeals to the consumer. Their ability to protect sensitive products from external elements is central to their popularity, making them ideal for creams and serums. BlueSky ensures the highest safety standards with epoxy phenolic FDA-approved linings in their tubes, making them a top choice for topical medications.

Understanding the critical role of packaging in distinguishing brands in a crowded marketplace, BlueSky offers extensive customisation options for their aluminium tubes, that range in size from 3ml to 150ml. This adaptability ensures brands can perfectly match their design vision, from colour selection to finishes and bespoke printing. The tactile and visual qualities of aluminium – whether opting for a gloss or matte finish – lend a sophisticated, premium feel to product packaging, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

With the option to customise tubes in up to six vibrant colours and a minimum order quantity starting at 5,000 units, BlueSky skilfully balances cost-efficiency with visual appeal. This approach empowers brands with a viable solution to differentiate their offerings in a competitive landscape.

Laura Grant, marketing manager at BlueSky, shares insights on the role of their aluminium tubes: “Our aluminium tubes are a statement of practicality, elegance, and sustainability. Through comprehensive packaging consultancy, and maximising the benefits of our efficient supply chain, we assist brands in selecting the ideal aluminium tube solutions for their products – whether for serums, creams, or effervescent tablets.”

BlueSky is committed to providing a seamless journey from design to delivery, ensuring that their customers’ products stand out against competition.

Discover the transformative potential of BlueSky’s aluminium tubes for your brand:

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