BlueSky’s Aluminium Bottle Solutions Lead the Way

Published: 20-Mar-2024

In a marketplace where sustainability alongside minimalist design is increasingly valued, BlueSky proudly stands as the UK’s leading distributor of aluminium bottles. Their comprehensive range serves the diverse needs of industries from personal care and home care to the evolving beverage sector, offering functionality, sustainability, and style

BlueSky understand that the essence of a product is often conveyed through its packaging. That’s why aluminium is often embraced for its sleek design, durability, and environmental credentials. Aluminium packaging, with its clean lines and infinite recyclability, perfectly aligns with the minimalist trend while addressing the growing consumer demand for sustainable products. The incorporation of 100 per cent post-consumer recycled content (PCR) does not affect the visual appeal of the bottles, and provides you with an excellent sustainability story for your brand.

BlueSky is dedicated to supplying products that address the changing preferences of brands and consumers alike. Their aluminium shaker cans offer real shelf stand-out for brands with powder-based products in the cosmetic, skincare and hair care industries.

Aluminium bottles are present in a range of personal care and hair care products, from shower gels to shampoos and conditioners. Their functionality is enhanced by the choice of dispenser, such as lotion pumps. These bottles, can be complemented with pouches for refill, tying consumers into your brand. Their adaptability extends to the home care sector for products like fabric conditioners and washing-up liquids. When combined with atomiser sprayers, these bottles are also perfect for room mists and pillow sprays, bringing a touch of elegance and practicality to everyday home care routines.

One for the most exciting developments in BlueSky’s product range is the use of 30ml and 50ml aluminium bottles for serums. These bottles mark a departure from traditional glass packaging, offering a sleek, modern alternative. The choice of aluminium brings additional benefits, such as ease of shipping, handling, and reduced breakage risk. Combine the bottles with droppers or treatment pumps for your serums.

Adrian Wade, head of supply chain at BlueSky, emphasises their approach: “We’re not just about supplying superior packaging options. We guide our customers through enhancing their product lifecycle, with a focus on designs that promote recycled content, reuse and refillability.” Aluminium bottles are exemplary for refill schemes, and Wade advises on the necessity of testing and considering the life journey of the bottle to ensure the lacquer maintains its integrity for the desired number of uses.

The lightweight and robust nature of aluminium, paired with a variety of closure and dispensing options, positions their bottles as ideal for a wide range of uses. Moreover, the ability to customise through printed colours and finishes, allows brands to differentiate themselves.

“Tailoring our aluminium bottles to meet current market demands offers practical benefits that resonate with today’s consumers,” says Wade, highlighting the versatility and consumer appeal of BlueSky’s offerings.

By choosing BlueSky’s aluminium bottles, brands signal a commitment to both sustainability and design excellence. With their extensive range and expert consultancy, BlueSky remains the definitive source for businesses aiming to enhance their product packaging and align with contemporary consumer values.

Discover their range and see how their expertise can benefit your brand.

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