Beauty and brains – introducing Smart beauty by LOOkX at IBE Berlin

Published: 5-Mar-2020

Even though relatively new, the term ‘Clean beauty’ is already quite familiar. At LOOkX, the Dutch beauty brand that was born clean some 20 years ago, we like to take it a step further.

We combine Clean beauty with Smart beauty. At Indie Beauty Expo in Berlin, March 25-26, LOOkX will launch their Smart beauty concept. So what exactly is Smart beauty?

We consider our professionals and customers to be Smart beauties, for starters! We are also proud of our in-house expertise, inspired by our CEO who is one of the most experienced dermo-cosmetics skin experts.

But besides the fact that our products are made by smart women (and men), for smart women (and men), we believe smart beauty products should have some special features, uplifting them from great to indispensable. At LOOkX, this is how we do it:

A perfect example is our Smart 4-in-1 protection primer. Perfect as a makeup base, but also your daily sunscreen, anti-pollution protection, great to wear on its own for care and a beautiful glow, etc. How great is that! Your makeup bag no longer bursting at the seams, your wallet on the other hand less empty. Eyeshadow that doubles as a blush, an amazing cleanser that can be used as a facewash, moisturizer and mask; just to name a few.

Apart from multiple-use, each product has at least 3 (often more) properties: our Youth defense cream, for instance, hydrates, soothes, protects, firms, and is pre anti-ageing.

Intelligent products:
The treatment-time will define how and where the ingredients do their work.

Smart ingredients:
The ingredient of the future - plant stem cells. Hard to harvest, but wherever we hear “hard”, we (including our lab) see an extra challenge! We call them the “super hero” sibling of plant extracts. This magic ingredient is so extra strong and versatile, they can enhance the effect of a product by an incredible factor 50.

Beauty and brains – introducing Smart beauty by LOOkX at IBE Berlin

A unique ingredient is one thing. Making it  skin-own, safe yet effective, and time-released is another. So we developed LOOkX Skin science: smart ingredients + smart science = world class products.

Smart (and easy) to use:
LOOkX products are so concentrated you only need a drop of the skincare, textures so beautiful that applying makeup becomes a piece of cake for anyone, and finally active ingredients and pigments that keep working all day.

Smart packaging:
The LOOkX airless pump keeps products as fresh as before opening, and the refill system saves our planet a lot of waste.

Proof, please!
Our Smart beauty products show you what they can do instantly. And in the long run, they’ll show you even more result.

Adding up:
Our skincare and makeup work together. LOOkX is unique in her complete line of skin-caring and anti-ageing makeup. With commonly used makeup, your skincare-benefits are reduced or even totally undone.

With LOOkX Makeup the opposite is true: it fortifies the working of LOOkX Skincare.

We believe cosmetics need to prove themselves. So we give you Smart beauty products, not smart advertising campaigns.

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