APC Packaging launches in-stock airless AWP pump due to demand for custom version

Published: 16-Dec-2022

APC Packaging just introduced their new sleek and modern customisable airless pump, the AWP in October of this year

Due to the huge demand for this new look, they have also launched an in-stock version available for shipping from their US warehouse within 24 hours.

The new modern and sleek profile of the AWP is combined with airless technology to guarantee your brand stands out from the competition while at the same time ensuring that your formula is kept intact.

Airless technology distributes virtually 100% of the product, allows the exact same amount to be dispensed with every pump and ensures your formula a longer shelf life.

For those looking for sustainable packaging, the new packaging has also been engineered to be light weighted to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

The new airless pump is available in 15, 30 and 50ml capacities with either a low or high profile cap which can be mixed or matched to different sizes. The pump also features an ergonomic actuator with depression for finger placement, so it is very intuitive for the consumer.

The AWP is ideal for sensitive formulas such as skin creams, serums and foundations and can be fully customisable to meet your brand requirements.

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