Active tree cells for men’s skin care by Naolys

Published: 30-Sep-2021

This year Naolys are presenting two different skin care products dedicated to men

Naolys trees cells are very easy to formulate with, as they exist in different forms liquid, solid, dispersible, water soluble or oil soluble. They can be used in any type of galenics.

This year Naolys are presenting two different skin care products dedicated to men: Skinns Reload, a multi action day and night cream and Ultimate Perk, an anti-ageing serum.

Both emulsions are made with 96% of natural ingredients or naturally derived ingredients.

Ultimate Perk is a serum enriched with two anti ageing active ingredients, MReload Sequoia and Foreseen Shield Nopal for a strong and long time action on skin, including 2.5% concentration of active ingredients, it will help skin to fight ageing day like a real active weapon.

Skinns Reload is a light cream enriched with an anti-ageing active MReload Sequoia at 0.5% to moisturise and protect skin, to be used day and night, to reload skin.

MReload Sequoia are active plant cells from the Sequoia that will provide an anti-ageing effect through an anti wrinkle and a firming effect. Foreseen Shield Nopal are active plant cells from the nopal that will provide an anti ageing effect in protecting and repairing skin against photo ageing.

Sequoia and Nopal are two species from the New World. The sequoia sempervirens was born in California and the opuntia ficus indica comes from Central America.

Naolys’ active plant cells do not contain any preservatives. They can be used in formulas for care products (face and body) and in make-up products.

COSMOS or Natrue approvals available on request for all liquid forms of the product, ISO 16128 certificates as well.

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