Why choose natural hair products?

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The rising trend in embracing natural haircare has an authentic reason behind its popularity; it is substantially better for hair than synthetic products. With its extensive list of benefits, it is not surprising that so many sing the praises of using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Anyone considering choosing a natural haircare journey, this article hopes to inform clients to make the change and invest in hair, and what Statfold Natural Products can offer

In recent years, there has been a real shift towards the idea of ‘clean beauty’ and really knowing the components of beauty products. Utter transparency is significant for many, and Statfold recognises the importance of prioritising this, and building and maintaining trust with clients.

What are the physical benefits of using natural shampoo and conditioner?

The nourishing power of natural ingredients cannot be understated—ingredients and products that are almost entirely naturally derived possess an abundance of essential nutrients that are great for your tresses. 97.25% naturally derived and of 75.69% organic origin, Statfold's range of white-label natural shampoo and conditioner bases are crafted with the sole purpose of injecting health and vitality into your locks, steering clear of harsh chemicals and ingredients found in many drugstore hair products.

Gentle and nourishing on all hair types, natural hair products are particularly beneficial to those who suffer with a sensitive scalp, or with issues such as dry, brittle ends. Many plant-based ingredients feature soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to combat these common issues, such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Chamomile

Moreover, the natural shampoo and conditioner range is better for individuals who require allergen-free ingredients to maintain a healthy scalp. The careful formulations are particularly appealing to those who perhaps need to avoid conventional haircare brands due to potential allergens, or reactions to things such as parabens and sulfates.

Sustainability of using natural ingredients in haircare products

When looking into switching to natural hair products, the environmental impact is also a great eco-conscious pull factor. Conventional haircare production is often a resource-intensive process, utilising chemicals and large production lines. At Statfold, the natural shampoo and conditioners, among other products, offer viable packaging solutions, and complete sustainability when sourcing products from all over the world.

Statfold prides itself in meticulously choosing ingredients that we believe will maximise the benefits in our natural shampoos and conditioners, while complying with ethical practices and contributing to the future of sustainable consumerism.

How can Statfold help?

Statfold’s white-label product range, including the range of natural shampoo and conditioners, are fully customisable to align seamlessly with the ingredients that best reflect haircare requirements or brand essence. Whether looking to address scalp irritation, promote hydration or clarification, Statffold's natural haircare products are crafted with beneficial and gentle ingredients

Please get in touch with Statfold at 01827 830871 or sales@statfold-oils.co.uk to discuss a tailored natural haircare solution, and allow the knowledgeable team at Statfold to guide anyone through the process. 

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