What makes a microbial library relevant for identification?

Published: 28-May-2020

Environmental monitoring (EM) is a proven strategy to minimize contamination risk for cosmetic manufacturers, and accurate identification of environmental isolates is needed to maintain control over the microbial flora within the manufacturing areas.

Microbial reference databases are one of several factors that can impact the accuracy of microbial identification. Other factors include identification technology, execution method, and data analysis.

Charles River’s eight global Accugenix laboratories offer microbial identification services through our AccuGENX-ID DNA sequencing service and AccuPRO-ID MALDI-TOF service.

These laboratories are cGMP-compliant and ISO 17025 accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to ensure a standardised approach for both microbial identification methods.

Data analysis and identifications can only be as accurate as the quality of the library used to make a match. Learn everything you need to know about maintaining a validated microbial database in this Accugenix Library e-guide.

Download to discover:

  • How a library is updated
  • The importance of database diversity
  • Library relevance considerations
  • Data integrity assurance
  • Comparison data

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