SampleRite: your partner for global sample management

Published: 16-Sep-2015

Sampling has long been regarded as a cumbersome task for bulk chemical manufacturers. Effective sampling is essential to driving sales. However the hidden costs and inefficiencies of in-house sampling can have a negative effect on the growth and profitability of many businesses.

SampleRite: your partner for global sample management

SampleRite Limited (est 1994) and SampleRite Quingdao (est 2011) address the growing demand for a specialist sampling service for the chemical industry. We have captured the attention of a large number of chemical manufacturers and distributors who are seeking peace of mind when outsourcing their sampling service, in industries including:

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Homecare, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning
  • Agrochemicals
  • Coatings
  • Dyes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biocides
  • Fragrances and Flavours

Through SampleRite's highly customised approach and dedicated team, clients are provided with a service that exceeds their business requirements focusing on customer service, support and value added benefits at every stage in the sampling process, from sample preparation and distribution, through to extensive sample analysis and bespoke marketing initiatives.

How we can help

Our logistical set up allows us to deliver to clients' customers in any part of the world, within a matter of days.

Our focus is to work closely with clients, delivering sampling campaigns that meet specific business demands, whilst providing maximum commercial benefit and impact on the bottom line.

SampleRite manages an inventory of over 6,000 products and sends on average 60,000 samples each year, around the world. We provide a tailor made service to a wide range of businesses, including clients who are sending out a high volume of samples across a broad product range, those who require management of bespoke/pre-shipment samples or perhaps a small pack distribution facility.

Clients place their sample requests with us and we do the rest, from decanting to delivery worldwide and monthly reporting:

SampleRite: your partner for global sample management

Our Facilities

Your samples are handled with the utmost care and attention

To ensure we provide you with the best sample management service, we have expanded our facilities to include the following:

  • Custom built laboratory
  • Purpose built warehouse
  • Dedicated dye decant room and flammable store
  • Large cold store fridge for temperature sensitive products
  • Dedicated clean room suitable for food and pharmaceutical products

The tragic incident in Tianjin, China, in August 2015 highlighted the dangers on inappropriate storage and handling of chemicals. SampleRite, the sample management provider, are championing the safe shipment of chemicals. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering value added benefits at every stage of the sampling process.

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