Olepent: An effective skin firming and repairing peptide

Published: 23-Aug-2021

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Peptides plays a major role in regeneration of collagen by preventing oxidation and excess activity of serine proteases like elastase and collagenase to reduce wrinkles and aid in plumping up the skin cells.

The combination of oleanolic acid with a pentapeptide (Fig. 1) act synergistically in reducing the appearance of fine expression lines, boost collagen and other dermal matrix protein which provides complete protection against wrinkles.

Figure 1: Structure of Olepent®

Figure 1: Structure of Olepent®

The combination has shown many significant anti-aging benefits such as inhibition of elastase (an enzyme responsible for breakdown of elastin of skin), inhibition of collagenase, improving the levels of TGF and FGF, and improving the antioxidant potential.

Hence the combination has the potential to improve the skin health by restoring the structure of skin by reducing the effect of skin tissue degrading enzymes (Fig. 2). With the virtue of above properties, the combination can be used as an ingredient in premium skin care products.

Figure 2: Anti-ageing potential of Olepent®

Figure 2: Anti-ageing potential of Olepent®

Salient features of Olepent

  • Restores skin structure and texture; firm
  • Restores skin elasticity; supple
  • Prevents skin damage and freckles; smooth
  • Minimises the effect of degrading enzyme on skin; tone


Olepent has a significantly better anti-aging potential like elastase inhibition, collagenase inhibition, Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-β) increase, Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) increase and antioxidant activity which makes it a promising ingredient in the segment of anti-ageing.

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