Why 'cake mascara' is making a comeback

By Lucy Tandon Copp 26-Sep-2016

A 1950s beauty staple, the solid mascara is making a comeback as consumers look to the past for inspiration

Vitry acquired the Longcils Boncza brand in 2005, which makes a traditional 'cake mascara'

It might be a blast from the past for some, but cake mascara is having a genuine revival with millennials keen to stock up on the product that, to them, is a complete novelty.

Recently Sephora began selling Besame Cosmetics’ cake mascara online and it sold out within two weeks, while stockists of other solid lash enhancers have reported similar sales surges. But what is it about the product that is drawing in the consumer?

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With an undeniably vintage feel, cake mascaras hark back to the 1900s when cream and tube mascaras had yet to make their debut.


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