The awards choose Bariéderm-CICA from Uriage Laboratories, as the 2021 product with Best Design and Packaging


The container awarded with the gold prize is a dropper dispenser pack manufactured and decorated by Virospack answering to the needs and desires of the brand.

It's a full pack with high-quality design and functionality, composed of Virospack´s 30ml capacity Moulded Glass Bottle, with last drop technology to take advantage of every last drop of product and combined with a wiper to keep always clean the pipette, plus the ring dropper developed by the company two years ago and awarded several times since then.

It's push button dropper with an eye-catching design and innovative actuator that offers a greater dosage capacity in each press, as well as a more controlled dosage.

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The final pack transmits a dermocosmetical imagen ideal for an unique serum.

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