The Organic Pharmacy debuts completely eco-friendly make-up range

By Becky Bargh | 21-Sep-2018

With phytopharmaceutical formulas and sustainable packaging, the new range is said to be good for the environment and consumers’ consciences

Beauty brand The Organic Pharmacy has announced the release of a completely eco-friendly make-up collection.

The range features phytopharmaceutical formulas – herbal medicines made from plant substances and active ingredients – and sustainable bamboo, hemp, glass and bagasse packaging.

Margo Marrone, co-founder and Chief Pharmacist, said: “The new formulas give a fresh, care-free dewy no-make-up make-up look. It’s what customers want.

“The high-tech natural ingredients such as stem cells, hyaluronic acid and super finely micronised plant and mineral pigments act like skin care, the packaging looks fresh but I have also made it sustainable using glass and tree-free paper so it’s also great for the environment and our conscience too.”

Its new 10-sku collection will feature a foundation, concealer, tinted cream, mascara, liquid eyeliner, highlighter, blush, bronzer, powder and gloss.

Marrone founded the brand in 2002 after a long interest in pharmacy; she studied it for six years and became a specialist in herbal medicine, nutrition and well-being.

The Organic Pharmacy’s first store opened on King’s Road in London, UK, and today it sells across the globe via distributors and other locations.

All of the brand’s products are formulated, produced and packaged in London.

arrone added: “I am proud to say that this has been years in the making, and no other lab in the world could make it to the standard that I wanted to achieve.

“This was the only way for me to make and deliver exceptional products that would pass certified organic regulations while delivering high-performance make-up results.”

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