SkinCeuticals announces new flagship clinic


Extends peel treatment range with new Micropeels

Professional skin care brand SkinCeuticals has announced Christopher Inglefield’s London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic as its new flagship medical clinic.

The brand has also enhanced its portfolio of peels with the addition of Micropeel 20 and Micropeel 30, new clinical grade peels in a graduated strength containing 20% and 30% unbuffered glycolic acid with a pH of 1.4. The 20-30% glycolic peels are classified as superficial epidermal depth peels, which means minimal post treatment sheathing of the skin and downtime of only two or three days. The treatments address sun damaged and prematurely aged skin, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They join existing products SkinCeuticals SM Gel Peel (20% salicylic acid and 10% mandelic acid) and Pigment Balancing Peel (40% glycolic acid and 10% citric acid) to form a progressive programme of superficial to deeper peels, which cater to a wide range of customer requirements.

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In addition, a new four-step treatment protocol for SkinCeuticals SM Gel Peel is being introduced in participating clinics. It combines an exfoliating cleanser with a decongesting masque comprised of Blemish + Age Defense applied underneath SkinCeutical’s Clarifying Clay Masque, followed by Retexturising Acticator before the application of SM Gel Peel.