Rieke supplies RS5 for Lumene


Rieke supplies RS5 for Lumene  Finnish personal care manufacturer Lumene has selected the RS5 pump from Rieke Dispensing for new salon shampoos and conditioners produced under its Cutrin brand. Lumene chose the Palm Head version of the RS5 for its Cutrin Expertism and Sensitivism ranges in white for shampoos and black for balsams and conditioners.

Rieke says the RS5 handles high viscosity products with minimal effort. It also features a no-metal contact construction and is shower-proof to prevent water ingress during usage.

The dispenser fits a wide range of closures including 24mm and 28mm standard neck finishes, with dosing options from 3ml to 5ml. Different valve systems can be incorporated depending on the product, enabling the pump to handle a variety of consistencies from lotions to highly viscose creams.