REFILL 50: luxury and sustainability in a jar


REFILL 50: luxury and sustainability in a jar

A new 50ml refillable glass jar with a heavy glass bottom which gives a large size impression. This jar is the perfect combination between luxury and sustainability.

The luxury of the glass is combined with the sustainability of the internal PP container and the lid, which can be both made of post-industrial recycled PP. Both the lid and the inner pp container can be purchased separately for practical and eco-friendly refilling countless times.

The glass jar allows for any type of decoration which can be preserved over time, whilst the inner plastic container can simply be refilled and re-used.

This is the first refillable cosmetic jar able to guarantee airtightness without the use of a wad, as is usually required with common cosmetic packaging.

This results in a 100% recycled PP mono-material pack, giving a huge benefit in terms of recyclability.

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