Marchesini Group Beauty’s Cosmatic launches a new machine for lip balm filling – the LB 3000


This year Marchesini Group acquired Cosmatic, a business specialised in technologies for the production of lipsticks and in fill-in cosmetic powders

This strategic operation allowed the Group to expand its expertise in a segment that uses some of the most complex technologies in the world of cosmetics.

Cosmatic, leader in the field of lipstick and lip balm moulding machines, was founded in 2005. It is situated in Italy, the cosmetic district of Lombardy (500 businesses - concentrated in the areas of Crema, Bergamo, Milan and Brianza – which, alone, produce over half of the make-up distributed across the world). Since January, the company is part of the new Marchesini Group Beauty, with the other Italian brands Dumek, Axomatic and V2engineering. They were all acquired over the last three years with the aim of extending the Group’s range of solutions for the packaging of cosmetic products.

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Cosmatic, always looking for new solutions, has recently launched the new machine LB 3000: an automatic machine for lip balm with direct filling into the package by top filling. The machine is equipped with a dosing table at 864 positions, a cooling system by air, 120 litres melting tank, a stand-alone volumetric doser with 6 filling nozzles, an autoloader for bases and for caps and an ink-jet system to print the code on the bottom of the package.