Marchesini Group Beauty presents Axoblock 160 for filling and capping


The new Axoblock 160 has an operating speed of 40 pieces per minute

These days, companies need machines that are modern, long-lasting, reliable and flexible, as production is becoming more focused on small batches and multiple reference products. This means that to meet today’s market demands, size and product changeovers must be both fast and efficient.

Axomatic, now part of Marchesini Group Beauty, worked alongside their engineers and developed a monobloc that would satisfy all these needs without compromising any of the company’s core values. An automatic machine must be strong, easy to clean, long-lasting, operator-friendly and quick and simple to set up.

The new Axoblock 160 has an operating speed of 40 pieces per minute. It can handle bottles with diameters ranging from 15mm to 100mm and its filling capacity ranges from 10ml to 1l. Its high level of versatility allows customers to process a wide range of reference products quickly and easily.

The machine’s design is also important from the perspective of ergonomics any operator adjustments can be made quickly as the machine is completely accessible from all sides.

On the Axoblock 160 mechanical cams have been replaced with electronic servomotors for the main machine functions, which makes dosing volume, filling nozzle strokes and cap screwing parameters even more versatile.

The machine can calibrate each product’s characteristics and then create a recipe that can be recalled whenever needed. This is especially useful for viscous or liquid products. Moreover, with electronic servo motors and linear bearings, machine movements are smooth and silent.

The Axoblock 160 has more than 35 different options to meet customers’ individual requirements, including:

  • An un-scrambler and pick and place for the automatic positioning of the cap on the bottle
  • Thermo-sealing of aluminium foil on the jar tops to prevent product oxidation
  • Jacketed heated hopper to keep the product warm during the filling phase
  • A spiral stirrer to mix viscous products inside the hopper so they will flow easily through to the dosing pumps
  • An ultrasonic level sensor to detect minimum and maximum product levels inside the hopper
  • A transfer pump to transfer the product automatically.
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For more information about Axoblock 160 and Marchesini Group Beauty visit their new website dedicated to cosmetic packaging machinery.