Little Ondine: Changing the game in nail polish


The peelable, non-toxic nail polish brand is making huge waves in the industry

The scent of nail polish is nothing if not distinctive. Attempt to fix up a manicure on the train, and everyone in the carriage will know exactly what you are doing. Open the doors of a nail salon on a high street and you might even see passers-by crossing the road to walk past. But imagine if a polish was odourless: you could top up your nails anywhere and you wouldn’t have to worry about causing any headaches.

Little Ondine’s founders spotted this obvious flaw in one of the world’s most popular cosmetic products six years ago. Its founders were all working and studying in London, UK, at the time. Simon, one of its co-founders, kept suffering from headaches when his girlfriend painted her nails and the team began investigating why. Joris Peucheret, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Brand Development, says: “We realised that nail polish was one of the unhealthiest products within the cosmetics industry.”


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