Japan’s Pola Orbis ramps up regional growth


The company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore

Pola Orbis Holdings has established a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore and plans to open a first retail store in October this year. The new store will sell cosmetics, sunscreens, skin care products and health foods produced in Japan.

Before finalising its plans, Pola conducted market research into local lifestyles and found that the skin of Singaporean women was subject to the stresses caused by repeated exposure to humid air and high levels of UV when outside, and extremely dry, cooler air when indoors. The product portfolio to be offered by the company will be designed to address these circumstances.

The company is also looking to open a further two or three stores before the end of the year, either in shopping malls or within department stores. Once the Singapore venture is up and running, the company expects to make similar moves in neighbouring ASEAN countries, where Malaysia and Thailand would be likely targets.

By 2020, Pola wishes to increase the proportion of its sales revenue generated outside Japan from the current 8.4% to over 20%. The company’s international expansion began in 2001 when it started a mail order business in South Korea. Since then it has also established a presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

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