Iconic Astral moisturiser has packaging makeover


The face and body cream, which has had the same formula for more than 60 years, has been given a fresh new look that retains its heritage blue and white colour palette

DDD-owned moisturiser brand Astral has had a packaging makeover.

Previously in a plain blue pot, the Original Face & Body Moisturiser range has an updated design for the 50ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes.

Astral worked with the RPC Manuplastics and M&H, both part of the RPC Group, to update the brand's image that was established in 1953.

The original iconic Astral design

The original iconic Astral design

Astral explained the original shade of blue has been maintained to ensure the consumer can still recognise the product on the shelf.

Brand Manager Sian Rimmer said: “Since 1953, the same Astral formula has been used by all kinds of women for all kinds of things.

"We wanted to tell our story through our packaging. Manuplastics and M&H have helped us to deliver a new pot that reflects our original pack design while modernising the brand for the future.”

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