French regulators seize ‘dangerous’ cosmetics from beauty market

By Becky Bargh 26-Nov-2021

Banned ingredients were found in multiple products, while incorrectly labelled nano-materials were also discovered

Banned substances, such as glucocorticoids and hydroquinone, were found in some cosmetics

France’s regulatory body has removed several non-compliant cosmetics products from its beauty market after detecting prohibited substances in their formulas.

In a statement, the Directorate-General for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) said that among the ‘dangerous’ cosmetics banned substances, such as glucocorticoids, hydroquinone and heavy metals were discovered.

Unauthorized quantities of some chemicals were also found in cosmetics, including phenoxyethanol and methyl eugenol.

The regulator specifically named dental whitening products to contain above the maximum levels of hydrogen peroxide.

The DGCCRF has also been cracking down on incorrect listings made by cosmetics companies.

A 2020 study found that of 11 ingredients initially declared as ‘non-nano’, nine (82%) were actually nano-materials.

Finished products, mainly make-up and sunscreens, were also tested for their compliance.

Out of the 27 skus sampled, the directorate found that 24 of them were present with nano-materials, only one of which complied with the provisions relating to the presence of nano-materials.

In six of the sun care products, authorised UV filters were found, but were not labelled as nano-materials.

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Finally, the concerned make-up products were found to contain unauthorised dyes.


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