Evocutis validates anti-ageing LabSkin model

New model to assess performance of anti-ageing ingredients and formulations

Evocutis plc has completed the R&D and validation of its LabSkin full thickness skin model for use in supporting anti-ageing claims.

According to the company, this will provide the cosmetics industry with valuable data for assessing trial endpoints when testing the activity of their ingredients and products. This data can be obtained prior to expensive human use studies, reducing the risk and time-scale associated with traditional product development.

Users of the anti-ageing LabSkin model will also be able to compare the activity of new ingredients and formulations against benchmark products across several recognised anti-ageing endpoints.

“LabSkin provides a highly consistent substrate, which can now be used to assess anti-ageing activity and simultaneously provide additional information on irritation, penetration etc, making it a valuable tool in the development of innovative products,” said Dr Richard Bojar, cso of Evocutis.

The company anticipates that validation of LabSkin for assessing skin irritation, sensitisation, penetration, UV damage, antimicrobial activity and prebiotics will be announced in coming months.