Droppers for precise cosmetic dosage


The precision application and decorative potential offered by droppers makes them an ideal solution to meet today’s leading cosmetic trends, as Rosa Porras Mansilla writes

The consumer's first interaction with a product takes place through the pack – and what it transmits is often definitive in the final decision to purchase.

Unsurprisingly, 67% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale and 96% of consumers declare they are more predisposed to buy the product if they can touch the packaging at this point.

The packaging must be functional, of course, but beyond this function is the element of image that conveys the values and positioning of the brand.

The cosmetics world is all about illusion, a world of glamour backed up by the science of formulas, the technology of packaging and the processes of development, manufacture and quality control.

Packaging transmits the ...

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