Clarisonic launches first cleansing device for men


Alpha Fit comes with two settings for a gentle or more powerful cleanse

Alpha Fit is a sonic cleansing device with two settings for a gentle or more powerful cleanse, and offers a compact solution to skin care

Alpha Fit has 26,000 bristles on its brush head

Clarisonic is soon to launch its first device specifically designed for men.

Alpha Fit (£155) features a compact design that has also been used by the brand for its latest women’s launch Mia Fit.

The hand-held device was created to fit inside a suitcase, gym bag or bathroom cabinet, which was a challenge with the earlier larger Clarisonic models that feature a handle.

The Alpha Fit has two settings – a daily 60sec cleanse mode and a more powerful 80sec option. Both settings make use of the 26,000 bristles fixed to the brush’s head.

Men with or without beards can use the device, and are said to benefit from the brush’s ability to remove dirt, oil and sweat.

Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-founder and Global President of Clarisonic, said: “We’re thrilled to announce that Alpha Fit is available for all men to use and experience just how great it feels to have clean and healthy-looking skin.

“For over a decade, Clarisonic has been loved by women and men alike. But let’s face it, men’s skin is different and they deserve a Clarisonic device built just for them – providing a great cleanse, a better shaving experience and a way to clean the hard-to-reach skin underneath facial hair.”

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Alpha Fit launches on 17 August on and nationwide in the UK from 31 August.