Cannabis cosmetics, the latest in beauty


Cannabis is undoubtedly one of the fashionable ingredients in beauty. Known as The Green Gold in cosmetics, it is a trend imported from the United States, the first country in which it was legalised, which reaches Europe and imposes itself strongly.

We are talking about CBD, one of the subspecies of the cannabis Sativa plant. That it should not be confused with other species of the same family from which marijuana or hashish are obtained.

The hemp used for beauty is high in CBD, a natural compound with excellent nutritional and medicinal properties.

It is legal in our country, it does not have of course any psychotropic effect and it has been discovered that what it does have are very beneficial properties for the skin.

CBD, the green gold of cosmetics, is a natural ingredient extracted from a sustainable cultivation plant, ideal for skincare.

Powerful antioxidant. CBD is one of the largest free radical collectors and therefore very effective in protecting the skin from the harmful action that these produce on it.

Pain relieving. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it helps to reduce skin irritations and infections, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin. Also recommended for skin prone to acne due to its sebum-regulating properties.

Moisturising. Rich in essential fatty acids –especially omega 3-, CBD is a very nutritious active ingredient that regulates fat production, helping to maintain the hydrolipidic balance in the epidermis, thus maintaining water levels and correct hydration.

Relaxing. Its soothing and calming properties give ant stress effects to the skin which looks younger and with a more rested appearance.

Virospack, always at the service of brands and setting trends in the sector, responds, and sometimes even anticipates as in this case, to the needs of the market by offering the best packaging for cosmetics formulated with this currently fashionable ingredient.

It was by talking to our clients in the US that we saw clearly that this need existed in the market. Internationally-renowned brands developed in the US made us see that if CBD was the ingredient that was going to prevail in cosmetics and it had to be packaged with tighter security measures, it was clear that our R&D should focus on the development of special packaging for these new formulations that meet the legal safety requirements.

Under these premises, Virospack presented a year ago, when CBD beauty was not even legal in Europe, the safest dropper pack on the market.

As a result of months of development and adjustments, Virospack launched The dropper for CBD. The first and the only to date, with child-resistant package certification.

It's a package with a new mechanism inside that forces you to press and turn to open it, making it the most difficult dropper to open, according to industry standards. In short, the safest cosmetic dropper on the market.

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